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Menai single track this Sunday

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By commandokamikaze - Posted on 28 August 2014

Hi Fellas,

Anyone out there who could give any advise or opinions re: the new single track at Menai/Lucas Heights? i.e difficulty,distance,fun factor,ride ability in wet weather and directions as the directions and google map on NOBMOB seem to keep taking me to some place in Artarmon which I'm sure is incorrect.
I've never rode at Menai and I thought it was off limits nowdays but I've been told it's recently re-opened with new singletrack that's supposed to be quite good so I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Thanks in advance.

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I've fixed up the trails DB entry. IIRC it's best to meet by the playing field on Old Illawarra Rd.

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Cheers Rob. You wouldn't be the same Rob that posted all those old photos from 07 would you? Some of the jumps look insane, are they still rideable in the new trail?

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Use the ANSTO car park then ride in along Little Forest Rd ( the tip road). You need to know your way around otherwise you run the risk of riding off limits and there is a VERY healthy Fed Police presence there. I've bumped into them on at least 4 occasions both mid week and weekends.

FWIW Menai will probably be pretty soggy after the recent rains and there will be some very soft areas which will be torn up with riding. It would be best to leave it for a week of dry weather before going for a spin.

Re the jumps, my guess is that the pics you saw are from the old free ride area which is now dilapidated and on private land. There are some small drops and jumps on the new trails but nothing that a hardtail couldn't handle.

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Sorry... I wouldn't really go by much of what was at Menai. It would be awesome if someone could take some new pics and update since the opening. The trails DB on this site is open to any member to update. That's the point Smiling

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