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Oaks up and back this Saturday - early start.

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By Pete B - Posted on 01 September 2014

Saturday, 6 September, 2014 - 07:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it has rained on this trail today, I won't be there.
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The Oaks
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Glenbrook station carpark.

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I'm doing a training ride on the Oaks this Saturday morning if anyone wants to join me. It's always more fun and more rewarding riding in a group.

I'm looking to do it in just under 3 hours so not a blistering pace but not dawdling either.

I'm firm on the start time though as I have to be back in the city before lunch.

Hopefully see you there (weather permitting).

Who's in?
Pete B, staffe,
Pete B staffe
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What distance do plan to cover?


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If Pete is planning to go all the way to the gate, it's a little bit over 50km from the rail station carpark.

Tough ride! But a good one for kick starting your climbing legs.

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Staffe, like John says, it's approx 52km.

Here's a link to the last time I did it:

Are you interested in joining me?

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I'm interested. I have not done that ride and over the last few weeks due to the rain I've spent a bit too much time riding on bitumen so I'm quite keen to get some dirt under the tyres in preparation for round 5 and final round of the Shimano GP series the weekend after.

I'll make a call later in the week depending on how much water tomorrow's southerly will dump on the trails.


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Fair call, I'm hoping that there won't be too much. The fire trail will be ok, it's just how the new single track holds up but worst case, we could miss it out and keep on the fire trail.

Anyone know how the singletrack drains?'s picture

If I can get my frgn tubeless ready tyre on my rim by Saturday I will be there.

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No worries Al. Hopefully see you there.

That does remind me, I need to put some new fluid in my tyres too.

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Al, are you looking good for tomorrow morning?'s picture

Its looking good. I will just confirm the tyres holding pressure tonight and if so I will be in. The weather is looking reasonably dry also.'s picture

Bike ready to go this should be fun.

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Great, glad you got the tyres sorted, with 3 of us it should make for a more fun ride than the uphill slog it is on a solo ride.

I got a new pair of shoes for fathers day so this will be a good first test for them. Smiling

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How was the Oaks today? Considering same ride tomorrow, but there's been a fair bit of rain this morning.

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Really good actually. There was no rain while we were there, the singletrack was perfect too.
Probably one of the only dry places to ride in Sydney.

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Thanks for the update. Did ride, and had a great morning. New single track was awesome!

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Glad you enjoyed it, the singletrack makes a nice end to a bland ride.

Post a fresh trail status update to keep everything up to date too, if you don't mind.

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