Tip trails signposted?

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By stanzaman - Posted on 02 September 2014

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I`m visiting Taree for work on Tuesday 9/9 and wanted to know if the TIP trails are sign posted or marked in some way so I don`t get lost.



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Most are marked, but there is no reference map in the car park. Sooooo. Go visit Bourkes cycles in Taree and grab a map. If they have time they might even highlight a suggested loop. There is also a club round on Sunday so a decent loop should be well marked.
But definitely, get a map.

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I went up there for the first time a few weeks back I followed the chocolate foot markers and did a great loop and a few others loops off it , its pretty well marked out amazing trails and handles the rain really well

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is awesome. So flowy. Smiling

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Awesome trails - definitely worth a ride. Over 40k of singletrack maintained by volunteers and spread out over a large forested area incl rainforest sections. Moab, Son of Skull and Skull at the western end recommended but every section is great.

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Has there not been logging up there? I went up a couple months ago and a large part of the forest had been cleared.

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Only Eureka trail was partly destroyed (SE area). Everything else (99%) of trails totally unaffected. Logging complete. All the great stuff remains unaffected and located in the central and western part of the 'park'.

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