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By Tristania - Posted on 11 September 2014

Recently, I was made aware that Sydney's primary MTB track information page, TrailFlix is going to close after 7 years on the next as a result of the time, effort and other commitments (such as cycling itself!)

The site I am sure has been used by cyclists of all disciplines to obtain info, keep up to date with mountain biking and I have personally benefited immensely by having all the images, videos and trail reviews when looking for good places to ride, and as I have personally gotten in contact with the two Grants (Shatford and Byrne), they have given me the opportunity for my to serve the MTB community by being the subject of 5 videos, as well as contributing race reports, trail reviews and advocacy talk, as I am sure it has for many others.

Therefore it is sad to see TrailFlix go as it has been a wealth of knowledge to many riders, however I know that this is totally understandable, and we will hopefully do what we can to archive its resources and/or share them on other active webpages (such as NoBMoB), so check the site for what the current plans are.

If you have used the TF webpage over the years, know that this a result of the tireless work of Grant Shatford and Grant Byrne (nobmob username @crank), both of whom balanced this service with full time jobs, their own riding and families and I know it hasn't always been easy to invest so much time, so please, take the time over the next week to send them an email on and to thank them for their efforts.


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Can't believe it's coming to a close.. it's such a fantastic website. Thanks to both Grants for such a fantastic resource.

Presumably the costs of keeping the site online are an issue as well? Maybe the guys at Flow Mountainbike might be interested in taking it over? They've had some sort of trail database on their website, but it's never been very good..

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@rob - why can't nobmob take over?

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I have offered to at least host an archive of the site.

If they are open to us (I wouldn't ask the guys to take the time to do it) moving/merging content over here would also be happy to do that.

There's a lot of 'behind the scenes' stuff that looking after sites like this entails so can completely understand the decision.

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