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Will Ourimbah be dry enough by Sunday, or where else to ride?

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By CrankyFrank - Posted on 13 September 2014


Really in need of a ride on some tracks now, especially since I am doing the Kowalski Classic next weekend. Getting cranky only riding in the gym and the occasional road ride.

I am down in Sydney, and don't want to make the drive up to Ourimbah if it's not rideable. So can anyone with some more knowledge and insight let me know if it's rideable.

And does anyone have alternative suggestions on where to ride this weekend?

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Ourimbah does dry out quite quickly, except the very lower part but you should be able to find some dry trails, just be aware that there is a DH on so be sure to look out when crossing the DH track.

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I have it on good account that the trail was in great condition today. One report from a rider and one from a trail fairy. I will be riding tomorrow.

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Woot! Thanks for the update!

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That's some great news.. let's crank those pedals tomorrow Smiling

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Was nice and dry out there today, definitely a place to go when everywhere else is wet

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Went there myself today, and it was fantastic.. Great to be out on the trails again. No reason to be cranky today Smiling

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