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Manly Dam Getting some more Love!

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By ingsyboy - Posted on 16 September 2014

Saw this on the Warringah Council Website- October, Decent to King St south of Maroa Cres. I'm guessing that's only about 150-200 meters? Still, if they can keep slowly working their way around we will get a relatively weather tolerant track!

Manly Dam Mountain Bike Track Upgrade
WHERE: In Track Section 10 South of Maroa Cres to King Street
WHEN: October
WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU: Improved track drainage to reduce erosion and track widening and to enable the track to recover quicker after rain. Improved track surface to enhance rider safety whilst retaining technical features. Installing corrals to reduce track footprint and to keep riders on the track to minimise track widening. Riders please note that diversions will be in place and some sections may be closed during this time.

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This will deal with the blown out section of trail on Hydraulics Lab land.

While we may possibly lose one of the really fun obstacles and one of my personal favorites, it was identified by IMBA as a major erosion and sustainabilty problem. The section down trail from the rocks to the footpath has been looking more and more like a bomb crater this year.

The upside is we may get something even better, and I won't be sorry to see those awful boards go which get so deadly slippery when it's moist.

The mention of TTFs sounds good!

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That section had gotten really worn out. I've busted a rear derailleur and bent a spoke at separate times just riding through there.It's like riding through a pile of builders rubbish.

And those steps next to the boards are an accident waiting to happen. Hopefully they give it a good going over.

Dam still showing as closed even now after very little rain for a week. Hope they're not getting too precious about their "new" track....

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Yeah, they copped a serve over those stairs. We know that a number of riders have been injured on them, including a broken arm. The initial response was "well, you're not the only trail users" which didn;t go down well at the time, but to their enduring credit they've since realised that we are the *main* trail users.

I think the outcome will be that section is avoided/closed altogether, with a complete new line wholly on Council managed land.

Will be interesting to see what they come up with.

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