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Magpie scoreboard

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By LadyToast - Posted on 25 September 2014

On my ride to work this morning I started getting a little paranoid about getting involved in avian confrontation. I've been noticing zip ties on helmets recently and figured an impact was lurking. The I got to thinking how it would be a good idea to have an online register so I can plan my route to work accordingly. And lo and behold!

If anyone is riding from Frenchs forest to Lane Cove, please can you keep it up to date Smiling


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The only one I've encountered up on Warringah Road is already on there.

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Thanks for that, will plan my rides to avoid...

Last Saturday I had one chase me for about 1km. Lucky I had crested a hill so had a long straight slight downhill ahead so did the Mark Cavendish sprint. The damn thing took up the challenge. After about 500m I started to think this wouldn't end until one of us blew up. I must have been close to 60km/h and could clearly see its shadow less than 1m from my head but at that speed it just couldn't lunge.

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Sit up tall on your bike with your arms folded and start talking to it. It helps if you carry a little bit of mince and offer it some food. If you run it will only reinforce that you are a threat and it needs to chase you every time.

They are intelligent birds and can recognise different people. As soon as it no longer sees you as a threat it will leave you alone.

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I've noticed they stop if you look at them so I have printed a full size photo of my most scary face and stuck it to the back of my helmet.

Only time will tell....

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so where is the Gibbs Street Buthcher? gone on Holidays this year?

also wonder what happened to the Pine street one. No recorded attacks from either of them.

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Don't mention the war, I did but I think I got away with it...

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Tasmania looks all clear, might head down there for a ride.

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