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Carry your rubbish out please?

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By obmal - Posted on 29 September 2014

warning; grumpy old man long rant short version

Hey Mr "insert name of tool who can’t take his rubbish with him", No doubt that you’re an awesome AM rider and thus entitled to smashing down the odd can of Redbull/Monster/V while changing out your tube because you pinch flatted on landing that sketchy A line.. (begin slow clap) but please carry out the cans/tube/other crap in the pockets of your baggies.. (begin booooooooo)

But its all good "bro".. someone else carried it all out for you.

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Also Mr "insert name of tool who can’t take his rubbish with him", if you have puncture and where that awesome to change it… then take your old tube with you and don't let in middle of the forest (The Oaks).

It's not all good "bro"… I had to carry your tube all the way to the park entrance, and couldn't enjoy the ride as much I wanted. I wish you many many more punctures, with no more spares to fix it.

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