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Lost front wheel… in Leura

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By mrptl - Posted on 05 October 2014

LOST yesterday arvo (Sat. 4 Oct), 5pm – my front wheel in Leura main street, in front of the bottleshop (Leura Cellars, awesome range of beers btw). It's a 26" Mavic Crossride.

Cross my fingers someone saved it for me. PM if you did or know who.

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Thia should be interesting......

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I was wondering the same thing Giles
Mono down the street when the wheel just fell off...?

But apparently Louis was repacking the car and forgot to put the wheel back in
(car on roof with front wheel off)
Obviously concentrating more on booze than bike

What I want to know is who would 'steal' this front wheel
It is a 26'er!

Louis, I would check with the local copshop
or as I suggested on FB, opportunity for a fork/ wheel upgrade Smiling

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