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Advice on 3x9 to 1x9 conversion

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By desmo - Posted on 05 October 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Need some advice on a budget 3x9 to 1x9 conversion.
Due to a new frame (warranty replacement) on my old bike, my old BB and Deore 9sp crank triple won’t fit.
Rather than buy a new 9sp triple crank, I want to convert it to a 1x9 with a 30t ring, using the existing 9sp Shimano XT rear mech and cassette.
Therefore I need to buy:

  • New 104 BCD crank that is capable of running a single 30t 10sp chainring
  • 30t 10sp narrow wide chainring

Below are the options I have found, but my main concern is whether the 30t ring will fit onto the crank and still allow enough chain clearance.

Crank: Deore M590 (9sp triple) or Deore M610 (10sp triple) - from this I would remove the 3 chainrings and fit a new 30t as the middle ring.

30t chainring:

Any advice on the compatibility appreciated, or even suggestions on a better approach.

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I'm not sure about your frame. However I just put a 36 tooth Blackspire Mono Veloce Narrow Wide Chainring on my Redline Monocog flight. It is running as a 1x9.

I highly recommend a non-ramped Narrow Wide chainring to avoid the chain bouncing off when it gets rough.

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If you have a look at the photos on CRC, the black raceface ring is a 30T. You can see that there are raised blocks around the bolt holes to move the ring away from the spider and provide clearance. (if you do a quick google search of 30T raceface narrow wide, look at the images and you can see how it works - the chain sits comfortably behind the spider.)

Looking at the other sizes, no blocks are needed as there is enough clearance.

You shouldn't have a problem. I use the same Deore cranks on my hardtail, running 1x9.

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Wolftooth use the same built in spacers on their 30t

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I'd imagine you would have a long cage mech and that will make it much more likely for you to drop a chain compared to a short cage rear mech.

I'm running a 36T(26er) front and with a Short cage Zee rear mech it will drop a chain with the clutch off when the trail gets a bit silly. I am however riding a hardtail so I imagine that would make keeping a chain on slightly more difficult.

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@Andrew - Yes, the chainring is a narrow wide, so hopefully no drops.

@TheOneRing - Thanks for the tip. Looks like it will fit fine.

@fairy1 - It's a 9sp XT rear mech, no clutch. The riding on this bike will be mostly on mild terrain, so I am hoping the narrow wide ring will be enough to keep the chain on.

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don't forget you will need single ring chainring bolts, they are shorter than the triple ring ones you will have

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Factor in a 10 speed chain, generally the narrow wide chain ring manufacturers recommend a 10 speed chain even with a 9 speed system, for best retention.

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Have decided on the M615 Deore Double crank. I hope to mount the single 30T where the large ring would normally go. Hope the built in spacers provide enough offset for a decent chainline.

Am planning on a 10sp chain - thanks all74.

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Eight and Nine speed chains are fine on Blackspire NW rings, not sure if they recommend it but it worked fine. With the clutch on the only time I have ever dropped a chain was from back pedaling for some odd reason.

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