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Wanted to borrow: Bike bag for over the ditch trip

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By ae93gti - Posted on 18 October 2014

Hi folks,

Have a trip to Wanaka booked for Christmas and want to take my bike.

Just wondered if anyone out there wants to lend me their bike bag to fit a Stumpy Evo 29er from around 20th Dec to 11th Jan?

Happy to donate a box of favourite brown ale or similar.

Otherwise I will just do the box thing from the LBS.


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Where are you located and how far are you willing to travel? Hawkesbury Cycles in Richmond NSW hire out bike boxes and they'll probably let you do a test fit. I haven't used one yet but they offered me a test fit when I was planning a NZ trip that hasn't eventuated yet....

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Putin might nuke it before then

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I got one. Hard case type. Been to the French Alps twice hence bit knocked about. Good luck fitting a two niner in. I'm in Newcastle

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Thanks for all the replies.

Have found a kind soul who is happy to lend me their bag.

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