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All Mountain Tracks NSW and ACT - Suggestions?

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By welltired - Posted on 20 October 2014

Hi All,

Sorry if this is posted to the wrong place.

My brother and I have the luxury (or lack of forward thinking) to be jobless at the moment. We both quit our jobs, and for the short term, just want to ride.

We're about a month in, and looking to expand our usual riding selections. I'm pretty sure we hit the most common. We hit Ourimbah most commonly, then Awaba or Manly / Hornsby for a quick strap.

Stuff like the gravity enduro / downhill sections are definitely our preference (eg, we loved Stromlo when we visited). Any good suggestions? Happy to drive a couple of hours.

We're also roadtripping down to Vic for the 24 hour race, so anything on the way from Sydney would be amazing!

thanks for reading and helping!!

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There are few decent AM tracks around Sydney, most of which are generally illegal.

There are other tracks to ride such as Menai, Wylde, Appin, Kentlyn, Lake Parramatta and a bunch of others but you're looking at XC for these.

I think Red Hill is a good location and there are a few sections that when hit with speed will test you. Loggers is a good one and better if you can shuttle (but not essential).

There is also some nice DH / FR stuff at Oxford Falls and Warimoo.

Further south there is some good stuff around Wollongong but again a lot of it isn't legal.

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Mt York and lithgow

Lots of trails to choose from but a mixed bag at the moment. Lots of trees down from the snow storm last week but we've cleaned up a few and the guys are out and about each day doing what the can

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Just letting you know it's Warrimoo Oval, St Ives Chase in one of the posts above not the one in the mountains. The one in St Ives often doesn't show up in Google map search.

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Ahh yes.

Slight difference geographically speaking.

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A little heads up with warimoo. Its a very cool little trail BUT its only like a few km's (like 3) if you live anywhere other then st ives or very close by its not really worth it.

Oxford falls?

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the 2 x DH runs at Warimoo Oval? Or is there some XC track nearby?

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Just saw these replies, pumped to have some new places to hit up. Thanks!

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Warrimoo only has the 2 DH runs but they both do end on the fire trail at the bottom. If you head east from here you can get all the way through to Duffy's Forest off road, barring the small section through the Wild Flower Garden.

If you head west, you can take fire trails across to Bobbin Head Rd and the trails coming off either side of it and then also the fire trails through Turramurra to Grovenor St. You do have to use more road to link all of this up legally though.

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