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I'm after some knee pads

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By Vermi - Posted on 20 October 2014

Hi all,

I've only got 7 weeks left in Oz before I return to the UK and although I'm posting my bike back home I am trying to cut down on what extra stuff I need to take. I've also already got knee pads back in UK (I didn't bring them as I never planned to buy a bike out here). As such I don't really want to buy new for such a short time and then have to try and flog them.

I've been riding without for a while now but I'm not pushing as hard as I know I can. I'm going to have a bit of free time between leaving work and leaving the country so would like to travel to some more decent MTB trails, and would be much more confident with pads.

I'm wondering if anyone has any old knee pads they don't use or maybe some you are looking to shift for a good price?

I'm in Narrabeen and ride the Dam a couple times each weekend, and will hopefully get to OMV after work now the evenings are lighter.



[Mod. moved to chat as general request. MTB Gear is for talking about the actual gear, not asking where to get it]

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