Manly Dam more trail clearing

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By spindog - Posted on 29 October 2014

We've received more advice from Warringah Council regarding further fire trail work by RFS/SCS on the Allambie side of the Dam. The section of trail between Monserra Rd and Nyrang Rd is actually a fire trail and forms part of the protection zone for homes in Southern Cross Way. It's not the same classification as the Curl Curl Ck fire trail so wont get quite the same treatment. Work will include brush trimming to allow vehicle access and may also include some earthworks. Weather permitting the work should be oompleted by mid November.

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Despite appreciating the work of the RFS and their need to keep the trails within Manly Dam accessible, the recent widening and grading they have done on the fire trails seems like over kill. The track has lost much it's original riding characteristics, is unrideable in places and the loose dirt will probably wash off the next time it rains. Couple that with all the rock that Trailscapes are paving and it feels like it's only a matter of time before the whole loop is tarmac'ed and ready for road bikes. Disappointing.

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Buy a road bike.

Faster, lighter, and simpler with no fancy suspension stuff to fail or maintain. Surely then you'll be able to beat that strava hot lap time that's been eluding you all this time.

You know you want one. Smiling

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