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get well soon Dez!

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By Alex - Posted on 21 April 2008

to those that know dez, hes had a major stack, and broken some bones and id like to wish him all the best for a speedy recovery..poor bugger

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and you took up downhilling after getting busted up surfing!!hope you have a speedy recovery dez,i imagine you were going huge when you stacked guessing the downhill track at redhill at insane speed,yes?

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so sorry to hear that - i know all the downhill (aka mad!) riders all admire your riding ability...
hope to see you out with us soon! and make sure you stay chatting on the site!


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That is bad news. Dez, when you are able to read this, I hope you are in far better shape, and better spirits! Get well soon.

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Ah yes bikemad you guessed well I think I pushed that envelope completely off the edge , busted myself up pretty good dislocated shoulder (don't know state of ligaments yet) broken humorous head and the ligament that runs down the outside of the shoulder has pulled a chunk of bone away from the arm and separated my clavicle , my shoulder is the size of a footy .
Thanks for the concern from all , probably off the bike for some time ,bugger was just getting the hang off the big stuff up at Oxford Falls too , its hard to use a mouse/type left handed so will be reading more than typing on nobmob.
I have a healthy new respect for Gazza and what he went through .

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I am recovering from a broken collar bone still another 6 weeks to go, I hope that you heal quick yours sounds heaps worse than mine.

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shite, that sounds pretty nasty mate. You've inspired me to take up xc again. I separated my right shoulder years ago and it was one of the most painful injuries I've had, and that was without a broken humorous head! I'm feelin for ya.
Best wishes for a very speedy recovery.

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about your accident, hope you heal fast and don't get too bored while doing it. Sad
The internet is your friend.

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sorry to hear about this mate. dont let it put you off pal. maybe time to think about an 'all mountain' bike and join the has been's club with me??? technical climbing and dodgy roll offs can be just as much fun as downhill you know!!!! keep us all up to date with your progress mate and if there's anything we can do just holla! i know i was very touched by the the concern and help from my fellow nobmobbers( you know who you are)
take it easy mate.

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good on you dez for getting out there and nailing it!! some awsome pics up of you going big at red hill, well done mate!

hope you have a fast and full recovery.

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Hope you heal up real quick and well Dez

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Sounds horribly painful Sad
Hope you are better very soon!

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real pain is siting on the couch looking at my bikes in the corner staring back saying ride me Smiling

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good news!!!
I would have thought a shoulder of the size of a football would be about as bad as it gets and would have put you off bikes a bit!? Smiling
Great to hear you still feel like bike riding Laughing out loud

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but cannondales dont say ride me they say hold on i dont think were gonna make it Eye-wink oh cmon its never in too poor taste to crack a cannon gag Smiling seriously though, was there any mechanical damage? i hope your nice new forks are still ok!

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Hey Dez, sorry to hear about your injuries. You were getting better at the big stuff in leaps and bounds! take it easy, hope the injuries heal quickly.


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Yeah Alex funny , na no damage to the Judge , lucky I was not riding a Shrek 77 or it would of been two 7's lol
and the forks are good its just me thats broken , swelling has reduced but my arm is black and blue getting better with every day ,one more week and back for x ray and review , hopefully no surgery.
And cheers Lee hope to be back in the saddle again bombing some Ourimbah runs with you ASAP.
aka crash test dummy

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Give me a call, since we are both recovering, we can do some gentle rides to get back into it.

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we can do the Ourimbah xc as thats pretty easy going, awesome already planning a comeback ride
keep in touch with how you are progressing I should be nearly ready in six weeks.

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Where abouts are you, I am now living in Harbord

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