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New Rim Needed

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By Murrs - Posted on 05 November 2014

My rim has split and flared out it's a DT Swiss 4.1d and I need to replace it. Has anyone got any recommendations, obviously i would like to reuse the rest of the parts evidently the DT X425 is the same rim with new name. Other brand/rim suggestions? or should i stick with DT so i can reuse everything else.

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But find this site fairly reliable.

One guy here recommends Mavic 717. Mavics for me have always done well. I'm at the AM end of XC and land to flat on my hard tail at Red Hill and Ya Muns with 721's for the last 3 years and still haven't needed to true them.

Have also pinched flatted landing off water bars and run the 721's over rocky rubble until I stopped and only chipped some of the paint.

Imagine 717's would be the same but a bit lighter. Any of the 8 series rather than the 7's are tubeless and stronger again.

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