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Interesting Stats

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By Narralakes - Posted on 07 November 2014

Some interesting stats in the paper today, doesnt differentiate cycling though

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Not good seeing cyclists so high up in the stats.

I wonder how many of those injuries are traffic-related. High number in "transport-related" could be pat of the number?

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I have a few times tried to find stats reported years ago in Christchurch, NZ. This is the home of Council run tracks with a warning sign saying '40 foot gap jump ahead, call the ranger and 111 in emergencies'.

It went something along the lines of the rate of admission to hospital was similar for roadies snd mountain bikers.

But the ongoing cost and treatment for roadies was 5-10 times greater.

Roadies tend to be more involved with more serious injuries mainly due to cars and sliding over road surfaces. Mountain bikers generally impact with a stationary object or the ground with lower impact speeds that don't involve anyone else. Mountain bikers also have more safety gear.

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