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BMX track at Seaforth in the early 1980's

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By StanTheMan - Posted on 09 November 2014

When i was a lad. I arrived in Manly Manly as a 12 year old. Aussies had surf boards, skateboards, & BMX bikes. My old Country had none of it. except I'd heard of skateboards. Ceratilnly never heard of BMX until I came to AUS.
I arrived here in 1978 I recon by late 1979 or early 1980 I as right into BMXing. I was a BMX head. Big time.

There used to be a BMX track in Seaforth. Near wehere now there is the pump track behind the comunity center right next to the tennis courts.
In fact...I can see the pump track from my balcony right now.Its called The Grove.

I recon the new pump track must be in the same place as the old BMX track. Does anyone remember? is anyone here who used to ride at the BMX track. I'm really trying yo recall exacly where it was. I don't recall the big trees which cover the area. I know the comunity centre was built later.
I also rember, the track closed down. It moved to Oxford Falls. I used to go racing there too with my crome Kuwaharra. It was run by a lady who also ran the bike shop in Seaforth. I trecon she must be in her 80's now if she's still alive. does anyone remember?

There was also a few kids who did very well on the AUS circuit. they used to go racing in Nowra for the nationals. a lot of these kids went to Balgowlah Boys. As well as Frenches Forest High.

anyway.....if you were there share your memories. I have lots of fond ones.....unfortunately they are also very vague

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I watched BMX Bandits the other week. It's filmed all on the Northern Beaches so that will have you going down memory lane.

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