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Camera for MTB riders?

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By Rob - Posted on 22 April 2008

If you're looking for a go anywhere camera for when you're out on the trails, this sounds quiet promising:

A compact, lightweight, water and dust-resistant, wide-angle, 5x zoom digital camera featuring enhanced shock resistance for outdoor use.

Doesn't look like it has a built in lens cover, which is odd, and as Gizmodo put it:

Does a waterproof and dust-proof camera really have to be as fugly as this?

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"Put a point-n-shoot in a zip lock bag and you have an underwater camera that A) costs less B) can go deeper and C) still looks better than the G600."

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Go on Rob you know you want to

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I tend to take this, in a toploader strapped to my hip

Gets you

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I take the P&S with me on rides, not yet willing to pack the D300 although after seeing your shots I may have to reconsider.

BTW, Is that a D200 with an 18-200mm?

Cheers, Mark

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Yes it is, funny enough I got the pic from the nikon site. I have the 18-200 but usually go with the 35-70 for the macro mode, for those flower shots... I've recently purchased the D3, but I think it will be the D200 that goes on rides.

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Jeez, I thought my D300 was impressive but a D3...that's smokin! but on the bike, nah, don't think so. That things big.

Hope you enjoy it.

Cheers, Mark

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Pentax are getting in on the water/dust proof scene:

Doesn't say that it's shockproof though, which is a must for MTB.

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