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Travel Insurance

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By hawkeye - Posted on 13 November 2014

Having to help the guy who busted his collarbone at OMV last weekend has spooked me a little with the thought "what if that happened to me" while overseas in Rotorua.

So I'm wondering what you guys who are more experienced with mtbing overseas have done to cover this risk, and who you've found to be good.

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There is a reciprocal agreement with AU & NZ so you get free hospital care / ambulance / helicopter rescue.

However, the costs of being stuck there if you have a non-fly injury can mount up quickly. Make sure your travel cover does cover that, I had travel cover underwritten by QBE which was really good, even flew me back first class.

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I was insured by velosure when I crashed at the Cape Epic. They covered everything and if I wanted to hang around they were willing to fly me business class. It did take a few days to get confirmation of cover but that didn't stop my operation etc. It was more a case of who was going to pay for it.

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My credit card covers me if I pay for part of my trip using that card, you just need to check terms and conditions.

Ah Rotorua...(sitting back reminiscing of my week there in March) Smiling

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We did alot of research before ,cape ,epic. Velosure were the only ones that covered our bikes and us while racing.

Brian unfortunately had to test out how comprehensive the insurance was, and from my observations they were very good.

Plus i thought it was very reasonable for we and our equipment went through.

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