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OMV suitable for kids on BMX?

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By ADtheglorious - Posted on 13 November 2014

Is OMV suitable for kiddies on BMX bikes??

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Absolutely, head straight down the fire trail and camp out near the easy green loop, which is fine for almost any age.(limited shade down there is the only drawback) The light blue loop is slightly more challenging but nothing where suspension is required. Older kids 9-10 and up will go fine on the lower blue loop too or anywhere else really (might prefer to walk the odd bridge) just watch for other faster riders, it's one of those tracks that gets more challenging the faster you go. My 11yo rides everything with no suspension on his bike (it's terrible having a cruel weight weenie for a father)

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It's always great to see kids there having a go...and the green loop is perfect for that.

It's also great to see them challenging themselves and developing skills on the main blue trail. I'm always happy to be patient and slow down for kids - they are the future of our sport.

However there have been a couple of occasions that became dangerous. For example a few weeks ago I came around a blind corner at pace, to be confronted with 2 kids aged under 10, stopped side by side in the middle of the track. I had absolutely nowhere to go, and no way of stopping in time, and barely managed to skid between them without crashing. No adults in sight.

So all I would say is unless the child is able to ride confidently, please don't leave them to their own devices to wander around the main tracks - supervise them closely, or there is a high risk they'll cause an accident.


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I ride with my eldest all the time with him usually infront of me and me telling him which gear too ride in , getting back on the subjectit is not a bad track for kids roo ride as long as you are behind them and they have strong legs and are very confident on riding a bike doing the blue loop from the top starting near the entry sign otherwise the might be better playing down the bottom of the firetrail in the green area which is very easy to ride. If you hhaven't already done OMV its a bit challenging on a bmx without gears but i have seen 20 inch and 24inch kids bikes riding the maintrail but both had gears , im not puting you off from riding there just giving you a heads up .

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It would be frustrating but ultimately you need to ride your bike according to the conditions and that means being able to pull up quickly if required (eg if an injured rider was down and on the track).

If you know a corner is blind, you need to ride it appropriately. Annoying but it's the correct course of action.

I wonder where liability would fall if you'd hit them (perish the thought).

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