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35C+ and humid. Too hot to ride? Maybe not. Maybe there's an upside...

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By hawkeye - Posted on 16 November 2014

Came across this reference to heat training in a Cycling Tips webisode today. I thought "WTF?"

So I did a little digging.

Apparently it's used in AFL, and not just for getting ready for playing in hot conditions.

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I did something similar (when my tyres weren't flat)up in Armidale last week. An extra 1000m of elevation rewards you with a higher HR for the same perceived effort. Well so I thought over my vast experience of 30km Smiling
Some good riding up there, and some very good riders too.

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... also the upside of getting a really sharp bike tan Smiling

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Rule #7 - Tan lines must be kept razor sharp! (Velominati)

I always though this was more important for roadies and some latitude was appropriate for those of the baggie persuasion Eye-wink

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I still remember a few yrs ago at Mt Annan 24hr how hot it was on the Saturday just cruising around i almost passed out i needed more altitude training for that event

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The skin cancer specialist that I saw yesterday has a slightly different view of training in the heat of the day. He shed some insights on how the skin responds to heat it expands and ultimately more damage is done to the lower levels of the skin by the suns radiant energy. Find shady trails to train on....?

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