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For those heading to NZ: Cadrona lifts open to bikes in December

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By Rob - Posted on 20 November 2014

I just noticed this in the news. If you're planning a trip to UnZud over the holidays maybe it's worth a look?

They do say there will be some XC trails but I'd imagine it's mainly gravity orientated.

The ‘Cardrona Bike Park’ will open for 10 days in total, from Dec 27th – 31st and from January 3rd – 7th. The Whitestar Chairlift will operate daily from 10am-4pm offering lift accessed trails for Downhill mountain biking enthusiasts.

Looks a little nippy Eye-wink

More here:

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Have seen great footage a few years ago when used as part of the national DH series!

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Were there ín December

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Other island!

Makes a trip to QT even better.

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Cardrona is about an hour from Queenstown.

Wrong island for starters.

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Queenstown could easily by an alternative destination to rotorua for mtb. Lots of awesome trails out of queenstown, i was skiing there in july but realised i chose the wrong season too go Sticking out tongue

And the best part about queenstown is the food and beer Laughing out loud

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I've been to QT a few times and love it. There's loads of enduro style riding and DH if that's your thing but more to my liking is the xc trails and back country adventures.
Give me 50km plus loop through some of the worlds best scenery using a combination of single track, walking track and 4x4 tracks any day.
Like Jonathon says, at the end of the day the town is a great place to have a bit of a pub crawl and some decent food.

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Looking forward to this as well as all that Wanaka and Queenstown have to offer. Now I just need to work on the leave passes while there.......

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