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Distractions for the family at Ourimbah?

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By Rob - Posted on 21 November 2014

This looks like fun...

... not as much fun as riding your bike mind Eye-wink

Anyhow - it could be an option to keep family/friends entertain while riding?

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i saw them testing this a while back and thought it looked pretty cool. Good video too!

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But $109 for the full combo isn't exactly cheap. I'd like to try it though. Shame the minimum age is 7 years as that rules out my little terrors.

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There are several options at Tree Tops ourimbah for younger kids. Maybe not the big zip lines, but a really good ropes course. We were there a couple of years ago when my younger one was 5 and the kids had a blast. So did I out on the trails.

It's an awesome family destination, as long as you work something out with your partner so that one of you is watching the kids while the other's riding.

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