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Riding around Launceston?

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By Tristania - Posted on 30 November 2014

We are thinking about going down to Tassie and staying the the vicinity of Launceston for a few days as I've heard there's some fantastic bike tracks in Tasmania, particularly near Launceston.

Has anyone been on holiday to Tasmania with the bike and do they have any suggestions on where to stay/where to go, etc?

We're toying between here and the Snowies, where we went last year; so if anyone has been to both with a good comparison between the two, I'd be keen to know how worth it the plane flight is, as obviously Jindabyne would be a lot less of a hassle!, so let me know of any thoughts!


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this should get you started Eye-wink

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Ok - Tassie is sometimes referred to as having four seasons in one day and when you gt there you'll know what that means.

Literally at any time of the year (I've been SNOWED on on Christmas Day on Mt Wellington Smiling

And the island geographically is as diverse. Top left hand corner (Burnie way) beautiful cities and the Wynyard flower show / ride is a must!

Top right you have some spectacular mountain rides (Ben Lomond for example) or some amazing beach rides (Wine Glass Bay)

Bottom Right you have Hobart / Port Arthur etc. which has some amazing urban tracks.

Lower Left, Strahan - Gordon River - 20 foot high ferns (I kid you not! My Sister when she visited me in Tassie wanted to take some back here to Perth!) The trails down there are just sublime.

My personal favourite is Liffey Falls and Catract Gorge in Launceston - or even Cradle Mountain (Middle) if you can get there.

Even the ride across in the Spirit of Tasmania is a hoot! Wish I was going back there - I loved Tassie!

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