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Take care with roof mounted bike carriers

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By Rob - Posted on 01 December 2014

We've all done it... forgotten the bike is on the roof and driven into a carpark, garage, etc.

This is probably the worst picture I've seen of such an occasion though. Ouch!

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WURD to ur mom.....

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Driving home from the Jet Black 24hr yesterday I saw a twisted mountain bike right beside the fast lane about 10 kn from Mt Annan.

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I had an unhappy start to my Christmas Day a few years ago when I did this with my bike. Amazingly the bike was absolutely fine, the only damage to the car was smashing the rear windscreen which is more costly to replace than the front.

I made myself a sign that I put on the dash when I have a bike on the roof that reads "bike on roof stupid". I have since seen others do the same.

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but twice!
one of my occasional riding buddies managed to do this on two separate occasions.
I guess that's one way to get the ok from "finance" to buy a new bike or maybe he had a very generous home insurance policy Eye-wink

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Simple little trick - when ur bikes on the roof just put ur sun visor down. Its dam annoying but you won't forget its there.


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My attention span is way too limited to have one of those on the roof. I'd be guaranteed to drive it into the garage with the bike still on. Accident waiting to happen.

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A local lady up here in the mountains has apparently written off 3 mountain bikes by forgetting they were on her roof and nailing a low hanging branch that's over her driveway. 2 were Yeti duallies. Her husband has only done it once.

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How does anyone have room to get a car into the garage? Fill it with bikes and the problem is solved.

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Haven't garage the car for over 15 years.

The best bit is the missus started it by putting furniture in there for storage. Mwahaha!

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