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Gentlemen, I give you a sub 29

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By StanTheMan - Posted on 03 December 2014

3 Dec 14

well after the sub 30 a week ago or so I knew I had some more in me. I had the sub 30 course on my Garmin and this time I too some sports gel for good measure. I hate sports Gel. especially Gu. yuck.

anyway I still had one given to me from the Mont 24 recently so I took that. Entered the manly dam main circuit on the Garmin for my digital companion & off I went. I know i had to be at least 32 seconds quicker than the course on the garmin.

It was all pretty simple. go hard & as long as possible. i came off at the entrance of the Golf course wiggle. That wet piece of wood at the entrance is notorious for that. So now know i can get at least another 5-10 seconds for next time.

My good buddy Oli was riding with me. But he had a massive backpack on his back. N surprise he was a little slower.

by the end of the golf course wiggle according to my Garmin I was 15 seconds ahead of last week.
My heart rate at the top of heart break hill was a whooping 178....but I felt OK all things considered.I ave it everything I had along the fire trail freeway and got home to the corner of Bangaroo /Kalaui ave in 28:46. Goal achieved.

I thought I had beaten my good buddies PR as well. But it turns out his best time was also 28:46 from the Judith St lap. LOL

laughter ensued. ohh well. I guess Oli & I are even. But then I need to do a Judith st lap as well to finally settle this.

If I beat the time.....I'll retire....but I'm sure Oli will not let that happen for too long. He'll perhaps force me to come out of retirement.

Nothing like friendly rivalry LMAO. ohh well over to you Oli.

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