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By stefan43 - Posted on 11 December 2014

hi all,
heading to Bright for holidays soon. Apparently the riding is amazing and there's about 50ks worth of single track around town.
Does anyone know where to find a trail map? I've had a look around the web and the usual sites but couldn't find anything.

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... err Cyclepath is your answer

They know all about the trails at Bright and thereabouts and there is usually a notice in their window about regular rides where they are happy for tourists to tag along. It's just up the road from the micro-brewery...

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thanks, I did actually check out their website before.
great videos, and ride suggestions but no map.
they seem to sell them locally, but i was hoping to find one online...

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Hi Stefan,


Click Trails, then North East and Alpine, then Bright. It'll get us started anyway.



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Also covers other great trails in the area like Beechworth.

Happy Trails!

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Victorian alps.....very nice. I'm sorry I'm of no help here. But a little envious in a nice way. I had to look up where Bright actually was.

Hope you have a great time

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