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Mt Annan via train?

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By Rob - Posted on 16 December 2014

Hi all... does anyone know if Mt Annan is easily accessible via train? From Macarthur Station?

Google says it's 4.5k or so along Narellan Rd to the North entrance but you shouldn't always go by what it says I guess.

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Distance is about right. Come out the western side of Macarthur station, across the bridge and make your way to Narellan Rd.(you can cut through the TAFE if the gates are open). The climb up Narellan Rd is steady but not steep.
A tip to give you more track time is -
- come in the main entrance and turn left at the second roundabout. (this takes you the wrong way up the road but there is little traffic)(FYI - the satellite image on Google Maps does not show the new entrance but Google Earth does)
- ride to the top of the hill on the road.
- just past the parking bay at the top of the hill and before the road descends take the graded dirt road which goes straight ahead.
- if you look down the hill to the left you will see the big new metal / timber berm which will give you your bearings.
- maybe 50 meters along the dirt road there is an access track which takes you down to the track proper.
This will save you about 4km to the official start of the track. Track direction is clockwise. Enjoy the ride.
Come out the same way and enjoy the roll down the hill to the station when you are done.

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Thanks for the heads up... will add this to the info page.

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The only thing i would change on the directions would be NOT to turn left at the roundabout going the wrong way but continue about 150 metres and then turn left on the path Before the picnic shelter.
this will take you to the road , if you go left you will be following the road the correct way .
follow it until the gravel road at the top of the hill , turn right and track is down to your left .

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