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OS Savings?

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By pikey - Posted on 01 May 2008

Have a guess what all this lot cost from the UK recently?

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expensive and cheap Shimanos and wippermans so i though I'd try breaking a SRAM.

Wish me luck Eye-wink


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.. you've done that I may get u a "real" chain, just let me know!
I just got 2 in form old Germany for someone!!!

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Hey Pikey, you sure that grease gun will fit and not just slip put spreading the lube everywhere?

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the SRAM won't take you long to break.

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.. chain's?? how many will you break, until you buy the "real" one???

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Higher or lower?

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more surely with a rear shock,cranks and derailer with all that other stuff.

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If you could take a decent pic I'd be more confident

Nice buy on that shock

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... all of this....
$ 702.42

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But you have to take into account the exchange rate on the day of purchase as the AUD prices on Chainreaction are just converted at todays rate.

That should throw a spanner in Stuart's works.

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I was just guessing

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Close ups:

OS Buy. Close up 1 OS Buy. Close up 2 OS Buy. Close up 3

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and your exchange rate I'll give it too. Hell, no I won't, why am wasting time on this just tell em the price son

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Aussie dollars (free delivery because I passed the $570 value)
I could have paid close to double if purchased in Sydney, Sorry LBS's

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