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Friday 9th Jan All day ride

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By Pete B - Posted on 26 December 2014

On Friday the 9th I have an all day pass to go riding.

Does anyone have any suggests for a 75km+ loop within about an hour and a half drive from the city? Also, if anyone wants to join me, I'd be more than happy of the company.

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Nice. You could just about make it to Wingello but it's more like 2 hours than 90 minutes I think. Probably worth it as there's plenty of stuff to get your 75km+ in.

Andos + Oaks is another popular option. Throw in Knapsack at the bottom for more distance?

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There's a nice loop you can do from Wiseman's Ferry - ride all of the Great North Road to Mogo campsite, then back down the road (mostly gravel) via St Albans with lunch at the pub. It's about 90km and one of my favorite rides.

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I recall doing a nice 65Km loop from Dubbo Gulley Rd, Upper Mangrove.... take Waratah Road to Dubbo Gully Rd and park there. From here ride to Ten Mile Hollow via Dubbo Gully, Donny's Trail and GNR. From Ten Mile Hollow ride to Wiseman's Ferry via the GNR, Western Commission Track and Wiseman's Ferry Rd. Return to start via Devines Hill, GNR, Simpsons Track and Dubbo Gully

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Lost a few kms in the middle when I forgot to turn my Garmin back on after lunch.

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Thanks for the replies everyone.

Rob, I did consider Wingello but I've ridden there a bit and try to get there once a month so thought I'd try somewhere new.

GarethP That sounds interesting. I can't seem to find Mogo campsite on google maps though, can you send a link please.

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Hey here is the mogo campsite on google maps:,151....

there's tank water there.

Here is my strava link:

If you like I can send a GPX file. It's pretty straight forward though - just follow GNR till you hit Settlers/Wollombi Rd then turn left towards St Albans. You will notice on my Strava link there is a little shortcut we take - a walking track from the GNR to the actual campsite but it makes little difference.

I'm half tempted to join you!

Edit - the walking track shortcut I mentioned is marked on Google maps as Circuit Flat Walk. You'll notice on the map there is a little right you need to make a few hundred meters after leaving the GNR by turning left on the walking track

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Cheers, Gareth, that looks perfect. Looks like I have my day planned Laughing out loud

I'd love the company if you want to to come along (and anyone else for that matter).

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