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The beard is off!!!!

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By arlen - Posted on 03 May 2008

12 Mar 08

Some 12 months ago when I first got my new trail bike I did a hot lap and posted a sub 30’ time….I was fit as a fiddle and was riding a new bike weighing 12.5 kgs as opposed to a free-ride bike weighing 17kgs. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go below 33” when I tried it 6 months later (and 7 kgs heavier) ;(

Long story short, decided to do something drastic to motivate me to dip below 30’ again….So come Christmas 2007 and much to my wife’s disgust I commenced growing a full beard until such time that I posted a sub 30’ time!!!!

Well, came close on Monday, 10th of March posting 30’13”

….Now pressure was mounting as we’re off to NZ on Saturday for 10 day and my wife refuses to travel with me if I didn’t shave it off!! As if the beard wasn’t bad enough now I had the added pressure of an unhappy partner….

Result: Wednesday, 12th of March….time: 29’34”….the beard is off…game over...Let’s just say I’ll stay on top of things from now on and won’t let it slide Smiling

If you’re the tech savvy type then click on the link below using Internet Explorer version 6 or higher and follow the links to see the telemetry of this momentous event….

BTW, according to some very experienced riders that I have been speaking to, a world class cross country rider would most probably post a time of between 26”-28” on that very track…..Hmmmm perhaps my next target. Haha (gotta think of another motivational instrument)

Full telemetry on Garmin Connect

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