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Trance 2 - gold!

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By Narralakes - Posted on 10 January 2015

Having started mountain bike riding only 3 years ago, I have really enjoyed the fitness and recreational aspects of riding the trails. I started with a second hand 2008 Specialized Expert Stump jumper which I rode for a few years and I learnt the basics of riding, it was a great bike to start on. After talking to a few blokes I bump into at the dam, I was convinced to upgrade to something more up to date. After much research and discussion, I decided on the Giant Trance 2 27.5, I must say, its a magnificent bike. I'm not a young bloke and no speedster and just ride for the pure joy of being in the bush and doing a few techy things that the dam provides, so the Trance fits the bill perfectly and for the right price. Happy days!

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Enjoy! They are a great bike, as you say.

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thanks, its a definite step up from my old Stumpy, although a great bike too!

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