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Nukproof 15mm to QR converter

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By arghvee - Posted on 15 January 2015

Hi Guys,

Just looking for a new wheelset for my older Trance with a Reba QR fork, and prefer the 15mm hub.

Anyone have experience with the 15mm adaptor ?


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I have the stans no tube wheelset which have adaptors for 15mm & 9mm quick release hope this helps was running the 9mm before now using the 15 mm .

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I used one of the Nukeproof adapters to fit the 27.5 wheels to my existing forks as they came with a 15mm hub.

It does the job just fine but there is a bit of play as the axle adapter is not a tight interference fit with the hub. It's probably 1-2mm play at the rim so not huge, less than a worn set of bearings, but may bug you. I've tried using a centre punch to create an interference fit which worked for a while but then wore down, if I get around to it I'll repeat that but with more gusto but it works fine without it

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