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Ferry Queue

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By Rob - Posted on 05 May 2008

Waiting for the West ferry on Saturday.

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Just a warning for people using a bike rack and the car ferries. I was behind a car who had the bike on the back and driving off the ferry, as the back of the car scraped the off ramp the front wheel of the bike hit the ground. It only just touched but a bit more could do some serious damage.

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should have taken the other ferry. Two of them run. When I got there, after waiting a couple of minutes coming down the hill for the queue for the first ferry to get off the main road, I drove straight on. Then just a cruisy, albeit dusty drive on the gravel.

Rob's picture

Yeah, but we got to sit in the sun and eat munchies and talk MTB crap with the other queue dwellers. It was all good. Smiling

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