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Cheap Ant + head unit

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By Geegee - Posted on 17 January 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Looking for a cheap ant+ head unit that will pickup wahoo speed and cadence sensor and Ant + heart rate monitor. Doesn't have to be GPS enabled or able to map the ride or anything like that but would like to be able to see HR, speed, cadence, time on the one screen.

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What's your definition of 'cheap'? Just those other goodies you mention probably don't come under that bracket.

FWIW, I'd get a GPS unit at the very least. An Edge 200 can be had online rather cheaply. $138 currently showing at Evans Cycles ( You can program the display on these to show whatever you like. Edit: Oops... sorry, bad advice. As Brian points out, the 200 actually doesn't have ANT+, you need the Edge 500 for that, but even these aren't that bad these days:

When I say, "at the very least" because the only failing really of the 200 is that it doesn't have a barometric altimeter. The 500 is 50 bucks more if you want that.

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I don't think the Edge200 does HR

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The Wahoo RFLKT or RFLKT+ would fit the bill for a bit over $100 but they will require a iphone to drive it

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I have the I phone case with the built in Ant+ unit but it kills the Iphone 4S battery in about 2.5 hrs. So I thought if I can get a cheap head unit that reads Ant+ the iphone can just be for calls and someone else can have the Wahoo case.

I didn't think the 200 had ant+ so I went back and checked again anyway. Looks like a 500 is the go.

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The Magellan 105 will do everything you want and more. It is $149. I use the top of the range one which at $489 includes all Aus maps, HR, Cadence and a load of features (similar to the Garmin Edge 1000)

Wembley Cycles is the place to get them.

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