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Noosa trails

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By Pete B - Posted on 19 January 2015

We're off up Noosa over the long weekend and I'm taking my bike. Has anyone any experience of the trails up there?
From what I can find on the net, there's a few single track trails around Tewantin Forest and a few dirt roads in the area but not sure if there's enough to keep me going for 3 days riding?
I'm even considering taking the road bike instead. Jawdropping!

We'll have a car up there so if anyone knows of any other trails within about an hours drive, I'd be keen to hear about them.


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hi there, i spent a few days last year in Noosa. tewantin has a few hours riding and was much better than when i rode it a few years prior (if damp, watch out for the mozzies...they are brutal). however, my favourite was Parklands an hour or so south. Lots of single track although some tough climbs to enjoy the downhill loops. I believe they are signposting some of it as it can be a bit of a maze but just follow your nose. see attached:

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Qld Parks have a little bit of info here:

but best bet would be the local mtb club..

Richard Dodds email:
Mob: 0438211115

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Thanks for the reply guys.

Looks like the MTB is the go. Laughing out loud

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I can vouch for Tewantin State Forest/National Park. I've been up there a few times and it has a good little network of trails. A bit more info here -

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Booked myself in on the local shop ride Saturday morning, just hope the weather is good!

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Gutted - No cycling in Noosa or anywhere for the next few weeks.

Managed to give myself an avulsion fracture below the knee yesterday, hopefully I'll be right for Capital Punishment though.

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