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It's official - 27.5" is the slowest of the 3 wheels sizes

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Why? because we can choose which one we like to ride. Unless of course you are Giant fan because they are only going to make 27.5 from now on aren't they? Otherwise the biggest issue isn't the bike it's the rider. I ride full sus because its more comfortable for me and I feel more confident.

So ride whatever size you makes you feel happy, I'm never going to win anything so I'm only there for the ride anyway.

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51 posts in a day and a half.
I just have to add another one.

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and no offense was taken, but in case people may think that's what happens with reviews, I'd like to draw attention to my latest product review here:

Not everything I write is an unqualified endorsement.

In this case I'm pleased to have (apparently - yet to see the updated product) persuaded them to fix a product I want to continue using (if they do).

The ones where the product is sh*t (and there have been a few - a particular early action camera comes to mind) get sent back to the distributor with a "fix this problem and I'll write the review".

In another case, the then importers of Contour cameras were not very happy with the review I wrote as it wasn't particularly gushing, pointing up a few issues including noisy mounts among others. Through gritted teeth they called the review "thorough". We didn't get any repeat product from them to review.

Others, such as the recently released knog action cam light that was offered to me, where the specs are clearly not adequate, get told a firm "no thanks it's not worth my time". The site owner did the review and he concurred with my assessment that the light output was inadequate for the intended use.

It's a challenge for print and online magazine publishers. If you don't play the game small minded importers will freeze you out. If that's their attitude that's fine. It won't stop me calling it as I see it, even if I do find writing negative reviews a bit depressing.

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Some interesting and entertaining posts in this thread Smiling

I would classify myself as a older social rider and have a bit of a collection including a 26", 27.5" and 29" mountain bike. I'm competitive in that I try to ride as fast as I can on whatever I am riding but not a racer.

I'm probably best described more as an enthusiast and rotate through my collection of bikes for each of my rides.

Each bike has it's own characteristics but at my level of riding I wouldn't say that I am substantially faster on any of the bikes and have fun on them all Smiling

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what is half of 55

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Knog only make products suitable for fixie riders.

I bought a couple of their tools that weighed somewhere around 12kg and I assumed weight was strength. After about three uses the multi tool snapped and the fancy shifter was so poorly made that every second time you'd put it on a bolt you'd have to readjust it. My Topeak McGuyver has been retired twice in the last 15 years but is still in action due to Park and Knog making shit products.

EDIT, You can eat carrots until it turns your skin orange(and it will) with no ill effects.

Oops, this is a wheel size thread, 26" FTW!

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In the spirit of commenting without essential knowledge, and after only reading the first dozen or so posts in this thread, the real question is:

Which wheel size is quicker DOWN possums?


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Anyone ridin 24" bike lately?

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Saw a guy riding a DH bike with a 24" rear and a super big-bagged rear tyre a few years back at Manly Dam - the bike was positively ancient even then."I didn't know it was even a thing for DH bikes until that point Shocked

I predict the next big thing is DH fatbikes - no need to slow down for the corners Eye-wink

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Thanks for sharing Hawkeye

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Lets be honest, this whole thing must have been tongue in cheek, any decent control group would have had quite a few more subjects of all shapes and sizes! Lets just hope that this guy doesn't decide to enter the pharmaceutical world and apply the same scientific scared Smiling

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Umm, was that track made for 29ers or 26ers?

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I think the kiddies track at camel farm would be more challenging, certainly no freeride track, I think a shoot out between spesh stumpy evo 650b, enduro 650b n enduro 29er would be interesting, all capable bikes built for similar purposes, all with their strengths n weakness, wait isn't there a ride day soon? Any volunteers for a shootout?

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Any traill built prior to 2012 is going to be a 26er track by default, yeah?

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Where would a 650+ yep, that's 650+ wheels thrown into a standard 29er, or a 24"fat fit into the equation?

Just don't expect great customer service if you should order either of these as frame only options.

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I reckon there is way to much importance put into wheel sizes and that the majority of riders won't notice the difference in times based just on the wheel size, there are just too many other factors.

Sure they might be faster in a scientific test, or even feel faster, but I do think that improvements could be made in so many other areas, if that's what is required.

That all said, 26" is fine for me, I can't justify the expense of a new bike for a potential gain of a few percent of my leisurely ride. My 2009 bike is more than bike for me and probably always will be.

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onya kitt , now i want a fat bike Smiling also after all this talk about wheel sizes im itching to get out on one of my 26inch bikes again to see for myself which is quicker, it'll take a few runs of the same track to dial in tho, im thinking several runs down flaccid might be the go, problem is which bike to choose?? 2006 reign 160mm both ends, or 2007 reign (stock 140mm f 150mm r ) or stp with 140 up front ??? mmmmmm hardtail

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there's this! A 36er with a Lefty fork.


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