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The truth about losing fitness

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the realisation we're not meant to be fit, if we were one should not have to spend so much friggin' time training and then lose it so quickly. Recent studies shows that health benefits are reaped from a few minutes of 100% intensity per day.

That makes sense if one considers that we have evolved as hunters, long walks - quick sprint and we have our pray. I don't think humans ran 42,195 km chasing animals until the animals were exhausted and we could catch 'em.

Recent studies also seem to indicate that the health benefits of exercise are reversed when one starts overdoing it - which according to the article in SMH this week are not that many hours per week.

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although I would agree too much of anything is bad for you But I wouln't take SMH too serious.

its like 7 Tonight.....complete sensationalistic in my opinion.

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actually persistence hunting is thought to be one of the earliest forms of hunting and is still around today. Persistence hunting is when you literally run your quarry down till it collapses through sheer exhaustion and stress.

I saw the docco mentioned in the link, it was amazing.

We only need to 'train' because of our sedentary lifestyle - wasn't always like this!

Edit - the 'too much exercise is bad for you' does the rounds every once in a while, here is another view

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Another good article on de-training:

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You never miss what you never had!

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I embrassed my mediocrity years ago. I'm never going to win the world champs. I'm just happy to be fit enough to enjoy my riding.

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Ride because you love it, get a little fitter means you can love it longer or faster, what ever works for you! Smiling

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