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Chain Guide or Bash Guard

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By hanky_spanky - Posted on 12 February 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I converted my AM bike into 1x10, put a narrow wide chain ring,install a type 2 derailleur then shorten the chain. Riding on a rocky section, i often suffer a chain drop and ended up placing it back and ruining the momentum. Mostly riding in KC during the weekend.

What you guys suggest, chain guide or bash guard?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I've got both and can't even remember the last time my chain came off.

A bash guard won't stop the chain from skipping off inwards if that is what you are thinking. . This is where my chain typically fell before I put the chain guide on.

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If you're regularly dropping the chain with a clutched derailleur and n/w ring, are you sure you have it setup right? I have a clutched shimano SLX mech and a n/w ring, and the only time i manage to drop the chain is if I hit something (ie a rock or branch manages to catch it "just right") ..

Im rough as guts on my bike, and no matter how rough it gets the chain doesn't go anywhere..

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I had no problems at all with my 1x10 set up but now it's getting a bit worn I started dropping the chain here and there.
I got a Paul Component chain guide and can't conplain at all. They do a direct mount version as well which is really neat.
I've had Paul Components stuff before and it's really well made and pretty light.

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Yeah I'd try a new chain first, a freehub with crazy amounts of drag can also make the chain want to jump off.

I am running a 9spd chain on a RF narrow wide ring and the only time it ever drops is when the chain is worn and I'm on an AM hardtail with no guide or bashie.

EDIT- I know zip about Avid but if their mechs are like their forks there's a solid chance it left the factory set up incorrectly. Check the clutch resistance against a mate's bike.....???

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I had a similar issue, check which side your crank spacer is on, generally if it's coming off on the inside the spacer is on the drive side, try the spacer on the non drive side and see if that helps.

If all else fails use the chain guide buts it defeating the object and in muddy conditions with clay....the guard clogs and takes a few rides worth of life off your drivetrain.

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