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Mud bash-Cascades???

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By mitch_f1 - Posted on 24 May 2006

There is rain forecast for the weekend (finally), and I need to get out of the house. So, I propose a mud bash at the cascades. I'll be riding from about 8:30 on Saturday, starting at douglas st entry (the firetrail, not single trail), heading straight down, turning down bear creek, up to the power station, then i'll be going back same way, and up lower camborne, but if who ever comes wants to go down the downhill section (as it is labelled), that is totally fine with me.

look foward to seeing someone there.

P.S. it'll go ahead rain, hail, or shine. (maybe not hail though)

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Sounds good, I was thinking Cascades this weekend. Don't know about the mud but if the weather isn't too bad pencil me in. Will endevour to talk Pratiwi into it too.

You're talking about starting up near the Acron Oval right, corner of Acron Rd & Douglas St - just a little right of where this shot was taken:

We normally don't start there, and I was thinking it must be a pain to get to the West side, but just did a route calculation and for me it's actually predicted to be shorter and faster to get there than the Wyatt Ave start.

Might try and talk you into Quarry Track and Ridge Top Track on the way back, although to be honest I've never come back up Lower Cambourne so that might be a nice change.

So, see you there if not too much mud!

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Yes, I was thinking just up the road from that spot, right next to Acron Oval.

I chose to start from Douglas St, cause it's a 5min ride from my house, so it's easier than Belrose Sticking out tongue

I've been up Quarry track (walked up it), so yeh, i'm up for it.

If it's not raining i'll bring my camera.


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Ok guys... I will see if I can drag myself out of bed to join you at 8.30am from Douglas St ... if not, I'll ride alone (or with Justin) at 9.00am from Wyatt St ... Rob I'll give you a call if I'm not going to join you.

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... as it's actually a shorter route for you guys too Smiling

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Hmm, seeing as I live at Belrose I might take the road around to the start point. Although through the bush is shorter...
Ok so I have the 8:30 or 9:00 options. I'll monitor the discussion and make the call later.

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Craig we are riding at 8.30am from Douglas St... hope to see you there.
Liz amd Justin

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Luckily there was no (well, not much) mud today. Can you believe someone set off without their helmet and had to turn back to the car and collect, particularly annoying given the climb, although nice warm up and had a second run down over the water bars.

Anyhow, profile from today:

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