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"The Proof" Bernd beats John over the line.

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By pikey - Posted on 07 May 2008

Just don't remind Bernd that John was finishing his 100km not the 50.

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he started over 2 hours earlyer!!!!!
Thanks again, John, your help got me in under 3h! YES....

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Actually Bernd he got a 3hr head start, but you still managed to beat him - great work Bernd.

John I think you need to put in more training.

Bernd's picture need to put in more training"
he can now:

Trainer Groover


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It's been good this week with all the rain, I've had 2 sessions on it but really blew the cobwebs from the 24hour out today chasing Alex the Whippet Wagner up the mountain.
The other bonus is I get my old roadie out of the garage and permanently on the trainer in the lounge.

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