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By DudeistPriest - Posted on 09 March 2015

I'm off to Vic for a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone has ridden the trails around Albury/Wodonga recently and if you have what are they like, any good?

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.....I can vouch for Beechworth, only 30min drive from Albury. Some excellent trail networks there. Try Flame Trees and Beechworth Mountain Bike park. Some good info here....

If you want to venture further a field the options are plenty, Bright, Mt Beuty, etc. etc.
Start your research here.

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They were very much XC but fun and flowy.

Nice views too, day and night. There was one flow track with jumps.

Tracks were well sign posted on trail and heaps of others about on weekend and after work.

EDIT: Nail Can is where I went

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Nail Can Hill is right in the centre of Albury and is excellent. A good mix of single trail and fire road and just really fun to ride. There are maps available at the local bike shops and the tracks are pretty well signposted.

I've also been told there's a new track in Wodonga but I haven't ridden it yet. I plan to check it at Easter.

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