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Queen's Birthday long weekend: Stromlo, Majura and the other track!

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By tienster - Posted on 08 May 2008

how about a similar trip to last year's June long weekend? that was great!

i am keen for similar trip again. Anyone else?


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Was talking about this earlier today...

With a large contingent of local tracks 'on hold', a MTB weekend in Canberra was the next best thing.
Count me in!

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I could get down there for one of the days over that weekend.

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Yeah baby! Majura time! Laughing out loud

Count me in.

We will need to think about accom. How about the CAROtel again? Smiling

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no further comment

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sounds like a great plan. I am a likely starter.

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I expect I would be able to make it out for at least a day,

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Craig... bring Jem! I'll bring her some company! Eye-wink

Will mean a few slow laps for us, but maybe more time overall. Laughing out loud

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I'd be heaps keen to check out Mt Stromlo properly, especially with some knowledgeable guides - i "dropped in" there for the first time the other week while on my way home to Sydney...

and after half an hour i was blown away!! and i thought to myself - "you'd better stop now, otherwise you'll never get home!"


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Looks exciting mate!

Definitely keen on this one! Smiling


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