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Down the road from Awaba?

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By kwmoore - Posted on 01 April 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Does anybody have the details (web, phone, hours, anything) for that place just down the road from AWABA which does tree top walks / Ewok village style adventures? It has a little car park with a small coffee shop and a bunch of picnic tables.

I tried asking Google, but turned up nothing.....

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I kept getting pushed to that one too. That's the one off Link Rd near Wallsend Minmi. Check the map link on this page (link) it takes you to this map

Sorry, I didn't realise there were three parks there. It's clearly not the Newy one I'm rambling about above. But the Central Coast one looks too close to Wyong and pretty far away from AWABA (

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You mean the one next to Ourimbah?

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Are you talking about the one near Ourimbah?

"Just down the road" is kinda like "how long is a piece of string" Eye-wink

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You are so right -- it is the one down the road from Ourimbah!!!!!
That explains why I couldn't find it «head shake».

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Try a uppercut that's alright your thinking of bike bling like all of us on here not family stuff too do

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Ya, I feel pretty foolish - all I remember is driving away from the track and being desperate for a coffee.

Thanks all for the quick feedback.
Stay dry this weekend!!!

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I'm off to ride the giant flying fox this Sunday,I'll let you know how it goes if you like?

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Well the zip line was great fun, however, the price is a bit over the top.

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Good info... with all the rain, the plans didn't come together in the end for an MTB / tree top adventure. I'll keep it in mind for some other time maybe

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