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Ourimbah / Awaba rides in the next couple of weeks - Xpost from Newcastle/Hunter

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By KameramanDan - Posted on 11 April 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey guys, this is a crosspost from Newcastle/Hunter but I like to ride at Ourimbah so thought I'd add it here as well..

I've been overseas for a while but I'm coming back to Newcastle from Tuesday and will be keen to get back into riding... hit me up, I live out near Fletcher but can transport the bike so happy to drive. If anyone is shuttling Ourimbah that would be sick, I'm a bit slow on some of the rocky sections but will try not to hold you up too much Smiling

I've also got some new camera gear for sports shooting that I need to get dialled in before a big job in July and I'm working on an MTB portfolio, so if anyone wants to get together and take some shots let me know... happy to give you copies for FB and maybe some prints Smiling I have a shot in mind at Ourimbah on one of the two big gap jumps at the top of the DH track so if anyone here can clear those and wants a banger shot of it get in touch!

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Hey mate, keen for ourimbah shuttles or rides. Pop me a shout when back around. Heading up there tomorrow for some dh runs myself.

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