Red Hill

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By Max Kelly - Posted on 14 April 2015

Does anyone know if Red Hill is still open? I was hoping to get up there this weekend but a friend told me that it was closed the last time he went.

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Happy to announce that yes, Red Hill has re-opened. It is now operating as a user pays mountain bike park. Be sure to bring plenty of 20 cent pieces with you to put in the ticket machines that are spaced approximately every 100 metres.

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Yes it is open and great fun, unless you're planning on bringing a 4X4 or motorbike.

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Yeah it is a cool place. I had a good look around it this weekend. The best single tracks take quite a bit of seeking out. Seems pretty weird that there's so many motos about though. What's the deal with that?

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Ask Christine Eye-wink

I think it's universally agreed that everyone would prefer they weren't there. Where the consensus breaks down is where they should go.

Here might be a good start:

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Don't get me started!!!
Weere there really many up there or just a couple? Lately they have been really nice so I'm hoping they were polite (also bloody well illegal)


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Yep I average at least 2 or 3 motos each ride up at red hill , there is more and more as now it's the only known spot for motos in the area even though there not meant to be there
A real shame as it sucks seeing all there mess and hearing there noisy buzzing but that is just become the normal thing for red hill now I see more motos than other mtb bikers these days

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Maybe they can earn their keep since every trail I walked the dogs on up there this morning has trees down...not happy moto riding stopping every five mins!

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Bad news for the moto's but also bad news for us.....I suppose a bit of cyclocross never hurt and our machines are lighter!

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