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What a difference a week makes...

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By CB - Posted on 24 April 2015

Some times things that start out crap can end beautifully.

Last weekend my bike got nicked.... Silver Yeti SB95. I was seriously pi$$ed off. Ive had it for a couple of years and still got a thrill every time I rode it. At some point on every ride, I'd subconsciously find my self saying quietly ' I Love My Bike...' It made me feel like a much better rider than i actually am.

My upset at the theft was compounded by the fact that I knew Yeti had stopped making the SB95 and it would probably be months before it's replacement was released ( assuming they are actually going to do another 5 inch 29er ...)

I expected a bit of argy bargy with the insurance company but whilst dealing with the aftermath of one of the worst storms I can remember, they called today to say that a cheque was in the post ! ( GIO on our home and contents policy ).

I was still a little unsure about what to do next though so I went down to see Adam at Summit Cycles. I've been a bit lost since CBD closed down but just hadn't managed the time to get over to Hillsdale to see the new shop. It's a bit of a trip from the Northern Beaches but boy was it worth it. Pretty much every model in the Yeti, Santa Cruz, Niner and Devinci range was on the shop floor.

Adam done a quick check and found out that their was one SB95 frame left in RowneySports warehouse. It was a turquoise carbon frame and was the right size ! We talked componentry etc. My wishlist was X01 but with XT brakes, Pike, Reverb post and DT 240 hubs with Arch EX rims. The answer was ' No problem, we can build it up any way you like. do you want to pick it up today ?' ....!!!!!

So from walking into the shop at lunchtime to ' see what my options are..." , Rowney had delivered the frame, while Chris, Adam and Joe handbuilt the wheels and built it all up in time for me to ride it home by 6pm ! They even gave me a complimentary Summit tee shirt and pair of riding socks..... ( as well as a bloody good price on the bike !)

My ride home was brilliant. The bike looks amazing, it rides beautifully and in less than a week I've gone from being distraught to being ecstatic !

So..... big, big shout out to the guys at Summit. Exceptional service and a wonderful 'can do' attitude toward making the customer happy.

Just got to find somewhere to ride this weekend.....


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Glad you got it sorted easily, it's nice when the insurance companies do what they're meant to.

The guys down at Summit are awesome, they've helped me with my bike numerous times and the bikes in there are pure bike porn.

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Nice to hear it turned out well for you.
Pics or it didn't happen though!!

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Pics or it didn't happen Smiling

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Having a dumb moment....

Can't figure out how to add pics to this post. ( I'm sure I'v done it before )

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And in turquoise!
Life is good Smiling

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Sorry to hear of the loss Craig. You've not had much luck with bikes. Glad to hear that GIO came to the party quickly and that Summit sorted you out. Sounds like you've got a sweet ride there. Happy days again.

Laughing out loud

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Couldnt figure out how to put them straight into this post though....

Hey Phil.... Thanks. Not had much luck with bikes but thankfully have always believed in good insurance !

Took it out to Terry Hills on Saturday. Great fun. feels lighter and stiffer than the alloy version. It's got a taller fork, wider bars and shorter stem than the old one so it's taking a little tweaking to dial in the ergonomics. Cant wait to try it on a more challenging ride ( if the bloody rain ever stops ) Weighs 12.3kg including pedals.

Hawkeye... sorry, forgot I had a package to give you ! its still at my office so hopefully we can catch up soon.

Bloot.... 4th Yeti but first time in Turquoise. I've always thought the turquoise looked fabulous but was maybe a bit ' loud ' for me. I've changed my mind now though. I think it looks great.


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