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Overnight wilderness trip

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By madhusven1728 - Posted on 30 April 2015

I want to go on an overnight wilderness trek and want to attach a lightweight tent onto my bike and wanted any recommendations. I was thinking of trying a bike store in Katoomba for help.

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I sleep under one of these in a bivvy bag with liner when I go bike camping:

I should have also mentioned I strap the hoochie and bivvy bag to the handlebars and other kit in a Gearjammer seat bag available from the Bike Bag Dude, you'd be surprised how much you can fit in one of these:!seat-bags/c7ue

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Strap it to your handlebars.

I'll get some pics of my setup tomorrow.

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Thanks that would be great

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You want one of these?

Makes a tent using the bike frame as support for one end and the front wheel for the other.

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it only suits 26" wheels and we all know those kiddy wheels are only good for going down, not exploring the back country.

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Wow what a great idea!! Thanks (:

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Mate best advice from me would be join FB group Bikepacking Australia....from posted pictures that will give you an idea of how to set up your bike bags for gear, lightweight compact is best but this also costs more money..... as Dudiestpreist says....check out Bike Bag Dude for the best bags to do the job.....if I was you I'd do a couple of overnighters staying at a pub before investing alot of me if you want a couple of pub stay ideas....good luck

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Buggered if I can post pics!

I use a Ferrino Lightent 2 that weighs about 1.8 kg's. I strap this to my handlebars with a Revelate Harness. A Revelate Pocket attaches to that and holds a bunch of food and snacks.

I use a Revelate Viscacha seatbag that holds my sleeping bag, down jacket, change of clothes, cooking stuff, sleeping map etc.

Depending on how long I'm out for depends on what frame bag I use. If it's an overnighter I'll use the half frame bag to hold a 3 litre water bladder, maps etc. If it's longer I'll use a full frame bag. Again this holds a 3 litre bladder but has more room for stuff.

I also have 2 bags on the top tube that holds stuff. All the gear is from Revelate Designs.

I've recently purchased 2 Salsa Anything Cages which bolt onto my rigid Surly fork. I use them to carry my sleeping bag and sleeping mat. This opens up the bags for extra crap.

My setup is constantly changing but seems to work relatively well.

Madhusven1728, I see you're down Penrith way, yes? I work down in Penrith and I'm more than happy to bring my gear down for you to have a look at. Send me a message if you want to.

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I like the Bikamper, you will know if someone steals your bike in the night because your tent will be trying to suffocate you while someone is working out how to get the front wheel.

Reliable one person tents start at a kilo so using a bike instead of poles is a bit silly. A decent light tent will run around the $400+ range, if you are happy to use a ~2KG tent you can find something much cheaper. If you don't want to spend a fortune on frame bags you could put the tent and fly in separate stash bags and just cable tie or strap them to the bike.

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Has anyone got a Thule pack n pedal rack

I think this would work quite well for me, I have a full sus bike with not a lot of room in the triangle, and it looks to be an easy bolt on option, thoughts and comments?

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I have the Freeload rack, which was the name before the Thule takeover.

It is currently on my bike as I also use the bike for commuting and like having an extra pannier to pick up supplies for bacon and egg rolls on the way to work.

It is an awesome rack. Well worth the purchase price.

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What about a swag, my mates use the compact ones when on their motorbikes

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Love to meet you somewhere to look at your gear.The coffee shop at the River is nice I always ride down there.

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Hoochies are good enough, I have spent probably weeks sleeping under one.

But if you want bug protection, something that weighs less than a schooner of craft beer, have a budget that will stretch and can handle the conversation that goes something like.. "you spent how much on that?"

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This is light weight and has 2 vestibule openings.

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It does look okay, I didn't check out postage but it is probably a bit as it is from OS.

You would also need a ground sheet as the floor isn't all that waterproof.

This is cheaper and from an Aussie seller but it is a bit heavier-
I would either go really cheap or spend up big and get a tent that you will keep for a few good years. One Planet, Taprtent, Vaude and a good few others make some really nice backpacking tents. I think I will get a Vaude in the near future as they are a decent weight and have proper waterproof floors.

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