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Central West NSW info needed- Kincross, Geurie (Bald Hill), Mudgee (The Common)

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By Andy Bloot - Posted on 04 May 2015

A bit of a 'me time' tour Sticking out tongue, so I'll be on my own and mostly during the week
So wondering if these trails are easy to find my way around

I don't have GPS or a great sense of direction
I believe Kincross is well sign posted
Not sure about the others

Any tips or info on these 3 (+ any others I may have missed) much appreciated
Also if there's any good arvo walk options between Orange, Dubbo, Mudgee

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Kinross was a long way from being well signposted when I was up there late last year. Without a local guide I'd have been truly lost even with a GPS.

It might be better after Fiona Dick's Chocolate Foot crew went through there marking out the event trail, but that will only encompass the event trail, not the other interesting bits.

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Agreed, I got lost at Kinross but had a great time. Geurie is an easy follow. Some well placed Strava stalking will show the squiggly bits.

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... are also not signposted yet (Council had approved some upgrading of the trails, but all is on hold until September to see if a particular plant is actually an endangered species - all will be revealed when it flowers apparently).

Try the Mudgee MTB Facebook page, or a local bike shop. Russell Conchie is the main mtb man in the Mudgee CC and was kind enough to show me around a couple of years ago.

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At Geurie is well sign posted as is the Oaks trail just up the road .
Go onto the Dubbo MTB Facebook page to get more information.

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